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To the best of our knowledge, there is no other hearth dealer... ANYWHERE that has the efficiency-focused choices of FlameWorks!  We dare you to prove us wrong!

The world's most efficient pellet stove
The world's most efficient biomass stove
The world's most efficient gas stove
The world's most efficient gas fireplace
The world's most efficient gas insert
The world's most efficient wood stove
The world's most efficient wood insert
The world's most efficient outdoor boiler
We also handle EPA certified wood burning fireplaces.
And... EPA certified cookstoves! 

FlameWorks has gone to an appointment only operation.  See the news page for more information.

Our primary brands:

Central Fireplace - fireplaces, inserts, stoves
Dell-Point - pellet, corn, grain, biomass stove
Energex - wood pellets
ESSE - wood cookstove, gas stoves, electric cast units
Fahrenheit - Biomass furnace
Garn - outdoor boilers
Hearth Classics - stove boards
Hitzer - coal stoves & inserts
HomeSaver - liners, caps
Kozy Heat - fireplaces, stoves, inserts, more
Mendota Hearth - fireplaces, inserts, stoves
Metalbestos (Selkirk) - piping, venting
Miles Industries - Victorian gas fireplaces & stoves
Minuteman - hearth accessories
Pacific Energy - wood stoves, inserts & gas stoves
Pilgrim - hearth accessories, tools
Recyculose - cardboard waxed cardboard pellets
Retrofire - gas log insert
Simpson Dura-Vent - venting, class A chimneys
Sky Tech - remotes and controls
St. Croix - pellet & corn stoves, inserts, furnaces
Town & Country - gas fireplaces, DDV technology
Valor - Victorian gas fireplaces, inserts & stoves
Woodfield - hearth accessories