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A key area that we feel sets FlameWorks apart is that we hand pick each and every brand that we represent... What this mean is that we thoroughly evaluate products before we offer them for sale.

We actually burn units... stoves, fireplaces, even furnaces.  Usually this occurs in the summer heat - spending late nights tracking heat exchanger and flue gas temperatures, power consumption and of course ease if use and maintenance. 

Virtually every manufacture believes that their product is the best in it's class, but logically this is not possible.  We work hard and spend a considerable amount of resources making sure that we represent excellent products, the finest in their respective classes.

While this section is being expanded you can also go to our links page for direct access to the websites of the various manufacturers that we choose to represent.

St. Croix Pellet StovesPellet Stoves, Inserts and more!

St. Croix wood pellet stoves are simply the most reliable and among the most efficient. The York insert is a great choice if you have an existing fireplace you wish to convert to pellet.

Fahrenheit is a newly established alternative heat company with some world class ideas and implementation better than we have seen for at least a decade. 

Dell-Point pellet (biomass) stoves are the most efficient in the world.  Although we consider Dell-Point a enthusiasts stove and not for everyone, it is in a class all of its own with nothing else comparable. 

Every summer we test at least two and as many as seven (7!) other brands of pellet/biomass stoves.  We have only added three  brands  in the last 4 years.  Next year we may be adding one other  brand - a radiant heat pellet stove that we have been keeping an eye on for years.  Watch here for more details. 

Morso WoodstovesWood Stoves and Fireplaces

Many choices from traditional cast iron to contemporary steel and lots of others in between. Did you know you can heat your entire house with a EPA certified wood fireplace and usually spend less than you would putting in a site built masonry fireplace. You can even connect such a unit to a heat distribution system (duct work) for more even heat.

Hitzer Coal StovesCoal Stoves, Inserts and Central Heating

FlameWorks sells both hand fired and stoker (automated, like a pellet stove) models. Coal units are available as stoves, furnaces and boilers as well as fireplace inserts.

Hitzer and Keystoker are our two primary coal stove brands.

Kozy Heat Gas FireplacesGas Fireplaces and Stoves

This is the broadest category in the hearth industry. FlameWorks represents a wide array of gas products with an almost unlimited number of choices.

As always FlameWorks focuses on efficiency, but many units are almost indistinguishable in look from a “real” (read wood) fire. Mendota particularly is a outstanding choice with the best flame in the industry.

Mendota, Kozy Heat, Town & County, More...

Hitzer Coal StovesCorn Stoves and Furnaces

Corn stoves burn shelled, dry field corn. It is a good feeling to support the local economy while saving significantly on your heating bills.

FlameWorks ONLY sells corn stoves that are capable of burning other fuels, such as pellets.  Corn is a good fuel choice sometimes, but as a market driven commodity it is subject to sever price fluctuations and we believe that (even if you grow corn for a living) it is a good idea to have options.  

We also represent the only way to heat with whole corn in the area.  In other words the entire plant is used as fuel. 

Fireplace ToolsAccessories

FlameWorks offers all types of hearth products from electric stoves and fireplaces to gel log sets and gas logs. We sell most any accessory that is needed for the hearth. From controls and fans to steamers and chemicals. If you have passed by our shop, you may be surprised to know that we have approximately 50 models on display at any given time and a surprising number of accessories.

We keep gaskets, starters, cleaners, brushes, rods and much more.

FlameWorks does not sell any stoves or fireplaces online. For more complete explanation click here.  The reason why our area code is not on the site is that we do not seek business outside of our service area.  FlameWorks does cover parts of the 814 area code, and if you are in those parts you probably know our area code, the same as for Chambersburg and Shippensburg. 

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