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The FlameWorks Hearth Library is believed to be the largest collection of information provided by any private hearth dealer in the nation.  From this page you will be able to access the Hearth Library reference pages.  Come back often as more information is being added on a regular basis.  Also, here is some hearth verse.


Glossary of Hearth Terms.  To the best of our knowledge, the most complete in the entire hearth industry.  If you think of any term or definition that we missed, please let us know.

How-to’s, Helps and Tips:

Tips on Wood Burning

Wood Burning Combustion

Tips on Burning Corn

Tips on Burning Pellets

Tips on Burning Coal

Starting your gas fireplace or stove Note: Takes you to another site

Reference Material:

The Fuels, Pros and Cons

Firewood Chart

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our stance on Online Sales

Quotes related to the Hearth

General Safety Information

Carbon Monoxide

Vented Vs Vent Free (UnVented, Ventless, Room Vented)

NFI Certification

Glossary of Hearth Terms

Legal Page - Terms of Use

Much more coming in the future.  Our goal is to answer ever concept and foundational related hearth question. 

We do not (and have no plans to) attempt to answer questions about specific products online as changes are nearly constant with most manufacturers and the effort and up keep would be too great.  In addition, most manufacturers maintain their own websites and are a good source of detailed product specific information.  Our manufacturers links page is a great place to start for product specific questions, manuals and in many cases even cad drawings, framing specs and clearances. 

While our main site is being rebuilt, please visit our back-up site to see the broad array of information we have available.  Click Here