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Sometime, hopefully in the near future, we want to give a detailed idea about what FlameWorks is and is not about.

The web can make any size business look quite large and it seems our site gives the appearance that we are much larger than we are in real life. We do not want to deceive anyone. FlameWorks is deliberately not a “mega” operation. It is not a surprise to us, it is within the plan. The person that you meet in the showroom is the same person who installs and services your unit. This, for most, is a real benefit. We will do our best to make sure you have all the information to make a good decision for you.

That said, FlameWorks is much LARGER than we look to the people who pass by our showroom each day to and from work. We have two showrooms on the premises and typically there are about 50 stoves and fireplaces displayed, with many operational. There are shops that are much bigger than ours, but VERY few with a broader selection. As an independent dealer we can offer many choices and we actively work with over 20 manufactures and can also get product from other makers if needed.

We know of many hearth dealers who spend tens of thousands each year on new displays, but because of the way the industry changes and is set up, they still can only show a small percentage of what they handle and the manufactures change quickly making elaborate displays basically obsolete often twice or more per year.

Just ONE of our manufactures fireplaces can actually be configured over a million different ways when you consider all the choices in fronts, front trims, surrounds, mantels and cabinetry, controls, options, etc..

The Andover front (one of 9) is the most chosen front for our Mendota gas fireplaces and it alone can be configured 30 different ways.

We try to be realistic about what you can expect as far as performance and function. We are also honest about details relating to fit and finish and do whatever we can to give you real information about scheduling and availability.

FlameWorks is smaller by choice, mainly because we believe it serves our customers better. The only way we foresee significant growth is to duplicate this model with the same person following the job through to completion and the accountability that that brings.

We hope to have a chance to serve you.

The Positive

Being smaller allows us to have less confusion and problems with inner-company communication. 

Being smaller gives us lower operating costs.  For comparable (when you can find them) products, we are nearly always lower priced. 

Being smaller allows us to offer more.  the vast majority of large shops are very reluctant to work with the specialty manufacturers.  We are dealers for over 20 manufacturers and have access to many others.

More later...

The Negative

We are not the "favorite" vendor of any of our suppliers.  If there is s supply "hiccup" the smaller dealer often feels it first.

There is no back up staff.  We work VERY hard to keep our lead times low, but obviously there are limits.  Many shops hire people seasonally.  We have seen this hurt more than help.  After over 20 years in the hearth industry there are still questions we do not have the answer to right without doing a little research.  

We can be hard to reach.  Many of our customers are located in rural areas and there is no cell phone service.  When we are in the shop (see our hours) often it is very busy and we cannot always get to the telephone the way that we would like.  This is all compounded by being specialized, offering a product selection that is so uncommon.  Many people call from around the country (and world sometimes) to "ask just one question" that can take time at best and lock up the phones at worst. 

More later...

Terms and Conditions

Returned checks (non-sufficient funds) are subject to the bank rate charge back.

Returned items subject to 20% restocking charge.  Items must be new, in original packaging. 

Deposits on special order items are non refundable. 

Credit card transactions for pellet sales are subject to a 2.5% surcharge.