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About Us

THANKS FOR VISITING! - FlameWorks is a unique Hearth Dealer.

We are truly independent. Although we do have relationships with manufactures and vendors, we very deliberately choose to work with companies that represent the best in their respective classes. This results in more effort on our part, but more benefit and choices for you.

Whether it is the best efficiency (our main focus), the best quality, or the best value - We make a strong effort to give you real choices.

Most hearth dealers align themselves with (or are even owned by) one or two manufactures. FlameWorks handles products from no less than 20 quality manufactures. It is not our goal to complicate things, but rather to give our customers REAL choices. We feel strongly that when a company makes stoves and fireplaces in every category, there are at least some compromises, and often the results are a product line that has a strong, recognized name, but many - or even nearly all products are mediocre.

Call or stop by, we would enjoy assisting you. If we are able to help in anyway, it would be our pleasure.

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