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More details as time allows, but FlameWorks has decided to close our doors...

 We loved doing our best to bring the most efficient hearth products to your homes, but the time has come to call it quits. After putting everything we had into FlameWorks, we have not been able to make ends meet.  We have exhausted all or savings and resources and have come up short.  With the communication system problems adding to the obvious turn in the economy there is no other choice at this time.  Recently enacted new laws and rising costs pushed everything over the edge, and the days of the focused, small hearth shop appear to be over.  Manufactures of specialty (read - focused) hearth products are also seemingly ready to close their doors and even if FlameWorks was doing well, it appears the choice in products is going to be much less very soon.   

We most regret that the way the hearth industry is set up, there are very little options for support, but we are hoping that those trends will change.

The FORMER FlameWorks Difference:

  • We love the hearth!  Nothing else warms the heart and saves a family money like heating with hearth products.  And nothing makes a house feel like a home more than a cozy fire to warm up to.
  • A quarter century of experience in the hearth industry.
  • We are truly independent.  Many shops are aligned with (or even owned by) one company.  We seek out manufacturers who do one thing very well, making the best product in their class.
  • We buy factory direct from nearly all of our manufacturers and we keep things pretty simple and this almost always results in lower costs for you... for a better product.
  • Your sales person is your installer.  There is much less chance of having miscommunication or problems.  The whole (industry wide) sales vs. production problem disappears.  It also almost always eliminates the need to meet a whole series of different tradesmen, often on different days for the same installation.

The Products FlameWorks handles:

  • Stoves: (wood, coal, pellet, corn, gas, oil, kerosene, electric)
  • Fireplaces: (gas, wood, pellet, corn, grains, electric)
  • Inserts: (gas, wood, pellet, corn, grains, electric)
  • Log sets: (gas and electric)
  • Cookstoves: (wood, coal)
  • Furnaces: (wood, coal, pellet, corn)
  • Boilers - Indoor: (wood, pellet, corn)
  • Boilers - Outdoor: (wood, whole corn, scrap, coal)
  • Accessories: starters, tools, cleaners, etc...

The Fuels that FlameWorks handles:

  • Wood Pellets AND Alternate (bark, cardboard) Pellets
  • Cord Wood AND Scrap Wood Waste
  • Coal AND Peat
  • Natural AND Propane (LP) Gas 
  • Shelled Corn AND Whole Corn
  • Grains: Wheat, Barley, Etc...
  • Oil AND Kerosene
  • Electric

The Brands that FlameWorks carries:

  • Central Fireplace - fireplaces inserts, stoves
  • Country Stoves  - Pellet Stoves and inserts
  • Cumberland Stove Works - Multi Fuel pellet/corn stoves
  • Dell-Point - biomass stoves
  • ESSE - cookstove, oil stove, gas stove, electric stove
  • Energex - wood pellets
  • Fahrenheit Technologies - endurance biomass furnace/stove
  • FireGear - gas logs, dual listed log-sets
  • Garn - smokeless outdoor wood boilers
  • Hearth Classics - stove boards and stove pads
  • Heatilator - gas and wood fireplaces, mantels
  • Hitzer - coal stoves and inserts
  • HomeSaver - Liners, caps, accessories
  • ICC - high quality venting and class A chimneys
  • Keystoker - anthracite coal stoves, furnaces and boilers
  • Kozy Heat - fireplaces, stoves, inserts, more...
  • MaxBlank - European wood stoves and EPA cookstoves
  • Mendota Hearth - fireplaces, inserts, stoves
  • Metalbestos (Selkirk) - piping, venting, class A chimneys
  • Morso - quality cast iron stoves
  • Minuteman - hearth accessories
  • Pacific Energy - woodstoves, inserts, gas stoves & inserts
  • Pilgrim - hearth accessories, tools
  • Recyculose - cardboard and waxed cardboard pellets
  • RetroFire - gas log insert
  • RSF - high efficiency wood fireplaces, EPA certified
  • Simpson Dura-Vent - venting, piping, class A chimneys
  • Sky Tech - remote controls
  • St. Croix - pellet stoves & inserts, corn stoves and furnaces
  • StoneFire - contemporary, classical gas fireplaces
  • Town & Country - DDV (decorative direct vent) fireplaces
  • Valor - gas and coal effect fireplaces with a Victorian flair
  • Woodfield - hearth accessories
  • More....

We handle the world's most efficient hearth products. 

  • The world's most efficient pellet stove
  • The world's most efficient pellet insert
  • The world's most efficient wood stove
  • The world's most efficient wood insert
  • The world's most efficient gas stove
  • The world's most efficient gas insert
  • The world's most efficient gas fireplace
  • The world's most efficient biomass stove
  • The world's most efficient biomass insert (pending)
  • The world's most efficient wood fireplace
  • The world's most efficient wood boiler

Many of our gas units are even more efficient than vent free (ask, we can explain) fireplaces and stove units. 

Keep in mind, even though efficiency is our specialty, we do not shy away from aesthetics.  Mendota fireplaces and stoves are highly efficient, with amazing flame patterns and tremendous control.  We have other products, mainly gas burning, that lean toward the cosmetic side, but most offer guilt free flames that make your house a home. 

We would love to assist you in any way         532-9700.

We principally serve South Central Pennsylvania.  FlameWorks is in Franklin County.  We also regularly serve Adams County, Bedford County, Blair County, Cumberland County, Dauphin County,  Fulton County, Huntingdon County, Juniata County, Perry County, Mifflin County and parts of  York County,    We do travel outside of our normal market for some of the specialty products that are not supported by dealers elsewhere.  If you are in doubt, feel free to call us and make an inquiry. 

Some of the towns we are in on a regular basis:

Amberson, Blairs Mills, Burnt Cabins, Chambersburg, Concord, Doylesburg, Dry Run, Fannettsburg, Fayetteville, Lurgan, Marion, Neelyton, Newburg, Newville, New Germantown, Orrstown, Pleasant Hall, Roxbury, Saint Thomas, Scotland, Shade Gap, Shippensburg, Spring Run, Upper Strasburg, Walnut Bottom, and Willow Hill.