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Those people who have worked with FlameWorks can attest to the fact that although we do not have "promotions", it is rare when the products and services that we offer are not the best value in the industry. 

Quite honestly we have some of the highest priced stoves and fireplaces, BUT we also feel strongly that real choice should be an option.  We carry over 20 different brands, so quite often we also have some of the most economically priced units as well.  We will always give you honest, direct information about your choices at FlameWorks and in the market in general.

Giving away a ton of pellets with a stove is a proven way to get customers attention, but we do not feel right about "giving away" something and having the customer cover the cost in the very same transaction.  Our pellet prices are fair and are almost always posted on the news page, it is rare when we are not $20 to $50 a ton less than our competitors.