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Country Stoves


We have been meaning to add more content to our site about why we choose to represent the brands that we do, and we really are only starting here because of timing. 

St. Croix (From Even Temp) is our most popular biomass stove and the stove brand that we choose to heat three of our own buildings, but we have distinct reasons for offering each of the manufactures that we commit to.


As most people know we test many brands of stoves over the summer months, and we pay special attention to pellet stoves for several reasons. 

  1. We sell more pellet stoves than anything else.
  2. Pellet stoves and furnaces are more mechanical than most other fuels and therefore, we believe it is more important that they are well designed and executed with quality.  
  3. We are intense about efficiency and want to always represent the most efficient stove in each class.
  4. We support what we sell and do not want to offer any brands that need more attention than necessary in terms of service calls, etc.

Country Stoves - Now at FlameWorks

We added Country Stoves to help us round out our pellet stove, insert and fireplaces offering.  Country Stoves

Here are some of the benefits of the Country Stoves brand:

  1. They uses higher amounts of air for combustion and direct the air with precision, keeping the glass cleaner than the other brands that we sell.  This extra air results in somewhat lower efficiency than the other brands that we offer, but Country has higher efficiency than stoves sold by other dealers in the area that have techniques to keep the glass cleaner. 
  2. Some customers have inquired about a stove with less motors.  Country uses one less motor than St. Croix pellet units and Dell-Point and two less than the  Fahrenheit biomass unit. 
  3. The pellet insert can be installed as a pellet fireplace.  In other words it can be configured as a zero clearance or factory built pellet fireplace.
  4. There are some finish options for County that are not available in our other brands and the Country look is a style that is preferred by a portion of our customers. 
  5. As a west coast stove, the Country should be a bit more available during this time of difficult availability.