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Cumberland Stove Works


This brand is fitting in so many ways.  Cumberland Stove Works offers a true multi-fuel stove with a minimal amount of Cumberland Stove Worksmaintenance and learning and a maximum amount of heat and control.  This stove has the best control we have seen in our 20+ years in the hearth industry and also has several other innovative features covered below. 


As most people know we test many brands of stoves over the summer months, and we pay special attention to pellet stoves for several reasons. 

  1. We sell more pellet stoves than any other heating product.
  2. Pellet stoves and furnaces are more mechanical than most other fuels and therefore, we believe it is more important that they are well designed and executed with quality.  
  3. We are intense about efficiency and want to always represent the most efficient stove in each class.
  4. We support what we sell and do not want to offer any brands that need more attention than necessary in terms of service calls, etc.

Cumberland Stove Works - Now at FlameWorks

We added the Cumberland Stove Works Parlor stove so we can offer a true multi-fuel stove to our customers that features Cumberland Stove Worksautomatic ignition and has a minimal learning curve.  Our Dell-Point stove remains the most efficient biomass stove in the world and can operate on nearly any fuel, however there is a significant learning curve for each fuel and very little control.  The Cumberland Parlor stove is an excellent stove and performs flawlessly with good fuel flexibility and high efficiency.      

Here are a few of the benefits of the Cumberland Stove:

  1. This stove has (hands down) the best control we have seen to date.  After representing pellet stoves to the public for over two decades we can honestly say that this is one unit that is truly easy and intuitive to use.  No codes, blinking lights and beeps.  Just English feedback and instructions. 
  2. Going along with the controller for the stove is control of the stove.  Although the controler that comes with the unit is a thermostat unto itself - you can choose to connect one of our wireless thermostats and operate the stove with the thermostat farther away.  We even have programmable and predictive thermostats available that work very well with the stove as an integrated system. 
  3. Innovative burn pot.  Cumberland calls their burn pot a firepot... whatever the name, it burns well and does not need any agitator or other mechanical function for a complete burn.  The unit seems to use only a very little amount more air for combustion that St. Croix, but can burn a wide range of fuels because of:
    1. The design of the pot.
    2. The options of control system - 24 total settings.
    3. The innovative method for cleaning out the pot.
  4. Cumberland's heat exchanger is pioneering and allows for more surface area for heat transfer with less hidden spaces to allow heat robbing ash build up. 
  5. The automatic ignition system is groundbreaking in it's own right with thermostatic ignition of any approved fuel and a non-contact system that utilizes an air pump to deliver a precision stream of hot air directly to the fuel bed of the burn (fire) pot. 
  6. There are many other small details that in the real world only equate to "niceties" but are just that... nice.  Very nice.
    1. Built in room air filter.  Industry standard size. 
    2. Ash pan with a gravity seal - no latches, knobs or hinges... just lift and pull out. 
    3. Choice of control panel location.  Hidden or visible. 
    4. The design accommodates easier, more complete cleaning with no special tools needed.