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Dell-Point Pellet (biomass)


Dell-Point is truly the world's most efficient bio-mass pellet stove. Dell-Point Europa If you spend all your time looking at every other pellet or corn stove made you will find that they all basically act like a miniature blast furnace. 

Dell-Point is different.  It uses only a small amount of air for combustion and the special burn pot gasifies the fuel with less air pushed through the burn pot and across the heat exchangers.  This allows the stove to do several things - mainly capture more heat before it leaves the stove and use less power to catch the heat.  

To the best of our knowledge there is no other stove that captures nearly 90% of the potential heat (not produced heat) and delivers it to the dwelling.  In the process it Dell-Pointalso uses less power and runs dramatically quieter than any other stove. 

The catch is that the stove is more of a specialty unit because it is lit manually and controlled with the control board, with no option for a thermostat.  There is also a significant learning curve with each fuel type and even between batches of the same fuel. 

But, if efficiency, fuel flexibility and low power consumption (DC brushless motors - can operate from solar easily) are high on your list, then there is no other comparable stove. 

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