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St. Croix - Even Temp

Pellet, Corn and Grains

St. Croix is our primary line of pellet and bio-mass stoves for a reason... they work.  We heat our own buildings (3) with St. CroixSt. Croix EXL stoves.  There tag-line is "simply the most reliable" and we agree. 

St. Croix makes a quality USA made stove that is the most efficient in it's class  and requires the least amount of interaction with the stove to achieve this efficiency.   

The primary differences with St. Croix stoves to others sold in the local market are:

  1. Versa-Grate System

  2. Smart-Stat Operation

  3. Stainless steel heat exchange tubes with tube scrappers.

We will take time to detail the benefits of each oSt. Croixf these exclusive features in the future and to cover some more of the St. Croix differences.  But the short of it is - more heat, more control, greater ease of use and high reliability with high fuel efficiency.